Please contact me for information on the next scheduled gallery.  The cost is $30 per person To reserve, Click on the Paypal logo (You may pay with Paypal whether or not your have an account.  

I do offer galleries in private homes.  For a 2 hour Gallery, I charge $40/person for 7-10 people.  For 6 or less, the cost is $300.00.  (For travel distance over 10 miles, I charge an additional $25.00)

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          What are Workshops:

Join a workshop and learn how you can connect with the animals in your life.    

         Discover how animals view this world...  how they they relate to people. 






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    What are Gallery Readings?

In Each 3 Hour Workshop

We will share exercises and meditations that open your heart and increase your awareness and understanding of animals.
Strengthen your telepathic abilities
Learn techniques to connect with your animal companions.
Gain practice receiving telepathically in thoughts,

images, impressions, feelings and messages.

Adaptable for all Levels

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WORKSHOP - $75.00 per person

Other Services


A gallery reading is a group session of no more than 10 people.  Using the combined energy of everyone present, I can connect with your animal, either living or passed, to help you understand your animal better, to address any issues you may be having or to have closure with an animal that has passed.  I will also talk about what animals are here to teach us and how I am able to connect with them.  Please bring 1 or 2 photographs of the animal you would like to connect with.

Please understand that I cannot guarantee that I will connect with every animal during this time.  Some have very strong energy and demand much attention while others remain elusive and shy.  I do my best to share information with everyone present.  Questions are always welcomed.