"Thank you again....for the success of your communication with our kitty....things that you said were spot on....  You put my mind at ease.  I think she was very happy to have your help in communicating with us.   Jan

"Diane gave a wonderful group reading at Reigning Cats & Dogs!"  Debbie

"Thank you for your help and gift of communicating and talking with all the wonderful spirits!  Meg

"Diane Emery was very helpful with my dog.  Tasha is a peekapoo who as a puppy cried all the time and we could not figure out what was wrong, after consulting with Diane, she told me that Tasha was in a lot of pain due to having a belly button hernia and she would need surgery to take care of it, we took her to the vet and they did the surgery and Tasha has been great since.  She also explained why Tasha would not go near stairs, she said she had fallen down them as a puppy, I asked the people we got her from and she did in fact fall down their cellar stairs.  Diane understands the animals and is wonderful in what she does."  Wendy

A truly wonderful Advanced Animal Communication class with Diane Emery. I learned so much...there's still so much to learn, but I am honored to be able to help animals and their owners communicate with each other. Love this stuff!  Liz

"Diane is a very gifted soul. She has a wonderful peace and knowing. Contact her to learn more about what animals teach us!"  Melissa

"Thank you so much for all your help!  Menkaura & I appreciate it"  Jacinda

 "Diane is an amazing telepath and can help with any issues you are having with your animals!"  Andrea

"I wanted to tell you that Maddie has done really well since you talked to her about her aggression problems - thanks so much for that"  Adam

Some Kind Words From Clients........

"I have worked with Diane Emery for many years with both horses and dogs and various other animals.  I have found her very passionate and very thorough in her ability to sort out what is causing the problems within these animals, I work from the nutritional and structural aspect with these animals and the combination of her knowledge and what I do has helped immensely in all the animals we have worked with".  Dr. Mike

                                                          Thank you so much!!  The horses are doing awesome and Rovandio is actually sound right now...Yay!  The

                                                          homeopathic remedies have been helping a lot and this past week he has felt strong with no signs of

                                                         unsoundness.  Your information was spot-on!  Sandra